The Course Object

  "id": 1, // assigned by codePost API
  "name": "COS126",
  "period": "S2019",
  "assignments": [
  "sections": [
  "sendReleasedSubmissionsToBack": false,
  "showStudentsStatistics": false,
  "timezone": "US/Eastern",
  "emailNewUsers": true,
  "anonymousGradingDefault": false,
idintegerUnique identifier for the object.
namestringThe course's name (e.g. "CS 101").
periodstringThe course's period (e.g. "Fall 2019"). This field allows you to create multiple objects which represent instances of the same course over different periods (e.g. every semester).
assignmentsarray of integersIDs of the Assignments in this course.
sectionsarray of integersIDs of the Sections in this course.
sendReleasedSubmissionsToBackbooleanA course setting. If True, submissions released by graders will be sent to the back of the grading queue. This ensures that released submissions will be re-claimed only after all other Submissions have been claimed.
showStudentsStatisticsbooleanA course setting. If True, students will be able to view the Mean and Median of this Course's published Assignments.
timezonebooleanA course setting. Must be a valid pytz timezone.
emailNewUsersbooleanA course setting. If True, users of any role added to this Course's roster will be sent a notification email.
anonymousGradingDefaultbooleanA course setting. If True, newly created assignments will automatically be set to Anonymous Grading Mode.
allowGradersToEditRubricbooleanA course setting. If True, graders and course admins will be able to edit an Assignment's directly rubric from the Code Review console.