The Test Case Object

  "id": 1, // assigned by codePost API
  "testCategory": 42,
  "type": 'external',
  "description": 'run findMax([4])',
  "sortKey": 0,
  "pointsFail": 0,
  "pointsPass": 5,
  "explanation": "This test runs your findMax function on an array with a single element (`[4]`) to make sure your function handles singleton arrays correctly."
idintegerUnique identifier for this object.
testCategoryintegerID of the Test Category to which this Test Case corresponds.
typestringAn enum describing the type of tests. *All tests created via the API must have type='external'.
descriptionstringA description of the Test Case used as a title.
sortKeyintegerKey that defines how Test Cases are sorted within the codePost UI.
pointsFailintegerPoints added to a submission that fails this Test Case. Use a negative value to take off points.
pointsPassintegerPoints added to a submission that passes this Test Case.
explanationstringText (accepts Markdown) shown to students when exposed tests are run in the Student Console, and from the Code Console.