The Rubric Comment Object

  "id": 1, // assigned by codePost API
  "text": "You need to sort the array before executing binary search",
  "pointDelta": 2.0,
  "category": 1,
  "sortKey": 0,
  "explanation": '', // no explanation, so students will see rubricComment.text
idintegerUnique identifier for the object.
textstringThe text of the rubric category, visible to Course Admins, Graders, and any Students who receive a Comment linked to this rubric comment.
pointDeltaintegerThe amount deducted from submission.grade when this rubric comment is linked to a Comment (subject to category.pointLimit).
categoryintegerID of the Rubric Category which this rubric comment is a part of.
sortKeyintegerThe key which determines how rubric comments are sorted within a Rubric Category in the codePost UI. Low keys are shown first.
explanationstringText (markdown) that, when defined, will be shown in place of rubricComment.text to students from the Code Console.