The Rubric Category Object

  "id": 1, // assigned by codePost API
  "assignment": 1,
  "name": "Style",
  "pointLimit": 10,
  "rubricComments" : [], // no RubricComments yet
  "sortKey": 0,
  "helpText" : "Only apply one rubric comment from this category per submission",
  "atMostOnce": false,
idintegerUnique identifier for the object.
namestringThe name of the rubric category.
assignmentintegerID of the Assignment to which this Rubric Category belongs.
pointLimitintegerThe maximum number of points which can be deducted by Comments linked to Rubric Comments from this Rubric Category, per Submission. A negative number indicates a maximum number of points which can be added. A pointLimit of 0 indicates that no points can be added or deducted; a pointLimit of null indicates no cap.
rubricCommentsarray of stringsThe Rubric Comments that belong to this rubric category.
sortKeyintegerThe key which determines the order in which all rubric categories are presented in the codePost UI. Low keys are shown first.
helpTextstringText shown next to this rubric category to users in the Code Review Console. Use this space to provide additional instructions to graders.
atMostOncebooleanA setting. If True, at most one comment linked to rubric comments from this category can be applied per submission from the Code Console. Defaults to False.