Update a Course Roster


Updates the specified course roster by setting the values of the parameters passed. Any parameters not provided will be left unchanged.

Based on any updates to the Course Roster, the following changes might take place:

  • Students who are removed from students will be added to inactive_students
  • Graders who are removed from graders will be added to inactive_graders, removed from superGraders, and removed as the leader of any Sections in this course.
  • Course Admins who are removed from course_admins will be added to inactive_courseAdmins
  • Students who are added to students will be removed from inactive_students
  • Graders who are added to graders will be removed from inactive_graders
  • Course Admins who are added to courseAdmins will be removed from inactive_courseAdmins


Roster fields must be fully specified at each PATCH

If you're trying to add a user to a field, you must append the user to the existing value. If you make a request with payload = {students: ['[email protected]']}, you will remove all other students from your course.


Returns the updated Course Roster if the update succeeded. This call will raise an error if update parameters are invalid.