The Submission Object

  "id": 1,
  "assignment": 1,
  "students": [
      "[email protected]"
  "grader": null,
  "isFinalized": false,
  "dateEdited": "2019-02-06T09:54:41.494159-05:00", // date when last change was made
  "grade": null,
  "files": [ // added some files since the object was created
  "tests": [22, 43],
  "queueOrderKey": 0
idintegerUnique identifier for the object.
assignmentintegerThe assignment this submission corresponds to.
studentsarray of stringsA list of the students who worked on this submission. A student can have at most one submission per assignment. These users must also be active students in the submission's course. Every submission must have at least 1 student.
graderstringThe grader assigned to grade this submission, specified by email. This user must be an active grader in the submission's course. If submission.isFinalized == True, then this field cannot be null
isFinalizedbooleanIf True, the submission will be visible by students if the associated assignment is published. For more information, see Who can view a submission?.
queueOrderKeyintegerIndex used to order the queue from which graders draw submissions. Low keys will be drawn from the queue first.
dateEditedstringThe time when this object was last edited. Edits include changes to the submission's fields and any updates or additions to child objects (such as a File or Comment).
gradeintegerInteger value specifying the number of points earned by the submission, accounting for all linked Comments and Rubric Comments. This field is calculated by the codePost API whenever the submission is finalized.
filesarray of integersA list of the submission's file IDs.
testsarray of integersA list of the submission's Submission Tests.